Who We Are

Who We Are:

We are a group of families from Boone County, in Northern Illinois, and based in Belvidere, IL.  72 families strong, this year, who enjoy the sport of Snowmobiling, and promoting safe family fun. First organized in 1971 and chartered in 1975 the Prairie Riders members include, families with children, couples, singles and seniors.  Anyone is welcome and is encouraged to join a snowmobile club.  Snowmobile clubs promote and protect your right to ride and a larger membership make that an easier battle.  Joining is easy and you don’t need to be sponsored.  Download a membership form or join online via our PayPal link on the Join our Club Page.  Membership includes a subscription to the Illinois Snowmobiler Magazine.

Safety Education:

We provide DNR Certified Snowmobile Safety Education Classes free of charge to the public.  This is part of the service to community that the Prairie Riders provide each year.  All riders 12 – 15 years old and anyone born in 1985 or later must have a Safety Certificate to ride on Illinois or the surrounding states trail systems. Check out our class schedule on the Safety Education Page.  This year about 100 students will earn their Snowmobile Certificate by attending one or our classes.

Trails:  Without snowmobile clubs there would be no trails

The Prairie Riders maintain 50 miles of trails in Boone County.  These trails are possible, because the land owners have given their permission to use their land, please respect their gift.   If you snowmobile on any trail in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan or other states, chances are that trail is made possible by the local snowmobile club. Clubs like ours provide these trails for public use though volunteer efforts of our members. Our Club can use help to provide good trails on which to ride.

Club Culture:

So do we only work on trails?  By no means is this a work only club.  We snowmobile, take snowmobiling trips, socialize, raise money for many local charities, summer camping trips and picnics, casino trips,  have club sponsored dinners a couple time a year,  hold fundraisers and support the community whenever possible.  Our big event of the year is the Grass Drags and Power Sports Swap Meet that takes place on the first Sunday in October.  We just finished our 15th annual and it was a great day.  This event has become the largest Snowmobile Event in Illinois and something the club members can be very proud of.  Above all this is a family oriented club with many activities to enjoy.

Prairie Riders Membership:

By belonging to the Prairie Riders Snowmobile Club, you are helping keep the sport strong by providing  trail system, political voice, and are having fun by being with people who enjoy and understand the fun and fellowship of snowmobiling.  Joining is easy, online with Paypal or downloading a membership form.   Or you can visit us at one of our monthly meeting to see what we are all about.  Monthly meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month from September to April.  We will be meeting at the Backstop Bar and Grill in Belvidere, IL.  They have fine food and drink, so come out for a little early for dinner.