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2013-14 Trails

Hello folks,

December 15th and the first day that trails are open in Boone County. That is if we have 4 inches of snow so keep that in mind. Also please respect land owners and adjacent land owners. It is getting harder and harder to have any trail system. We make every effort to find and mark danger points but you must still use caution when riding. Have fun and follow the rules.

Snowmobile Trail Rules
1. Sleds must be registered to ride these state funded trails ( Atv’s are not registered and cannot use the trails legally. )

2. Trails open December 15th – March 15th ( with a minimum of 4 inches of Snow )

3. These state funded trails run on private lands and public rite of ways.( respect this land and its owners or they can and will close the trails at their discretion ) Stay on the marked trail only do not wander on their property.

4. All trail signs and posts are property of the Illinois Association of Snowmobile Clubs and were provided with The State of Illinois Department of Conservation grants. The removal, vandalism, or possession trail signs is a crime, and the fine can be up to $500.00

5. Liability Insurance is Required by State Law.